In cooperation with leading German sailing clubs, KHULULA has created the first sustainable sports series for children and young people.

A new forward-looking eco-event format in which KHULULA provides the sustainable boats to the clubs to enable the individual and often CO2 intensive journeys by travelling with public transport or in carpools.

Both the sporting competition in the Team Race regatta format, as well as the sustainabilty education for children and the clubs’ self-commitment to sustainable implementation are the focus of each regatta weekend.

This team race event is not only a showcase for sustainable sports equipment, gear and accessories made from natural, recyclable or recycled materials, but through the impact of alternative mobility concepts on land and on water, the CO2 footprint of a sports series is significantly minimised and, for the first time, also transparently measured.


We are convinced that outdoor and water sports must significantly minimise their CO2 footprint. Resource-intensive sailing sports in particular offer good opportunities to advance climate and environmental protection through documentable sustainability strategies, including the use of sustainable, recyclable materials and equipment.

Our mission is to promote sustainability and the circular economy in outdoor sports, especially in water sports, with innovative products and solutions.

Eco_Team Race Germany and its strong partners offer an outstanding platform for this.


Optimist sailors from all over Germany can take part. You have already had your first experience of regatta sailing and would like to take part in a TeamRace event? Then get in touch with us. Further information on participation and requirements will be published here soon. We are looking forward to many participating and enthusiastic teams.

However, all sailing clubs that are interested in promoting climate protection and sustainability in their club can also participate.

It is clear that not all clubs have the same opportunities. But this should not be a hurdle. We all want to protect our playground together. Every little part makes a big whole.

If you’d like to host an Eco_Team Race and sustainability event at your club, just get in touch. #protectyourplayground


With the Eco_Optimisten, we presented the world’s first recyclable series boat at the BOOT in Düsseldorf in January 2023.

A sustainable boat made from 90% renewable raw materials and recycled materials.

Made in Germany.

As a result, our Eco_Optimist has an 80% lower CO2 footprint and is 90% recyclable.

We are particularly proud to have been honoured with the German Sustainability Award SPORT 2024 (DNP). The DNP is Europe’s largest award for ecological and social commitment.

The Brandenburg Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Energy has also nominated our Eco_Optimist for the Brandenburg Innovation Award 2023.

Powered by Khulula

KHULULA is a pioneer when it comes to sustainable outdoor sports.

Outdoor and water sports need to significantly minimise their carbon footprint and drive environmental and social sustainability.

Khulula is the “digital campfire” where we share visions, generate sustainable solutions and develop innovative products.


Eco_Team Race Germany will be the first sports series to have a detailed sustainability report.

But in order for us not only to claim this, but also to be able to prove it, sustainability has to be measurable and documentable.

KHULULA and the Eco_Team Race Germany are cooperation partners of the ZNU (Centre for Sustainable Business Management University Witten- Herdecke) and fjol-Digital software solution for sustainability management.

We will transparently document the CO2 footprint of all events and compensate it via partner programmes.


As hard as we try, we will leave a carbon footprint with Eco_Team Race Germany, albeit a small one.

However, in order for Eco_Team Race Germany to be at least
neutral, we will plant trees on the basis of the miles sailed. In this way, all participants are our climate heroes.

We are doing this together with the children’s academies of the Vanessa Weber Foundation.

We are doing this together with the children’s academies of the Vanessa Weber Foundation!


04-06 august 2022 – day 1 – 4. august
VSAW – Berlin 
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