The Eco_Team Race Germany powered by KHULULA is the world’s first sustainable and transparently documented sports series for children.

In the classic Team Race format, the children will each sail in four recyclable flax-based Eco_Optimists per team. Sustainable sports equipment and gear will be provided to reduce the individual CO2 emissions of the participants.

The Eco_Team Race Germany for more sustainability and environmental protection in sailing.


With the Eco_Optimist, KHULULA has launched the world’s first recyclable series boat in spring 2022.

A sustainable boat made of flax fibre and recycled composites. Plus accessories made from recycled or recyclable materials.
Made in Germany.

The Eco_Optimist is 90% recyclable and has a CO2 footprint that is up to 85% lower than conventionally produced boats based on GRP.


With this boat, children and young people get a sustainable piece of sports equipment right from the start and thus protect their playground.

Khulula is nominated with the Eco_Optimist and the Eco_TeamRace commitment for the:

ECO_Team Race Events 2024

23. – 26. May 2024 International Lake Constance Week, Constance
29. – 30. Juni 2024 Hamburg, MSC/HSC/SVAOe
04.-07.07.24 SC Hansa-Münster e.V.
19.-28.07.24 Travemünde
(Travemünder Woche)
August 2024 Lake Garda
September 2024 Starnberger See
October 2024 Lake Constance

… more dates and details coming soon.


As part of our participation in the 134th Travemünder Woche as an official sustainability partner and as the organiser of the Eco_Races powered by KHULULA, NDR TV devoted itself to our projects for sustainable transformation in water sports. 

The main actors in two great reports are our sustainable Eco_Optimists made of flax and enthusiastic kids who could not have presented our mission better. 

Do you want to take part in the Eco_Team Race Germany with your club or team?

Then simply send us a message via the contact link. We will get back to you and look forward to hearing from anyone who is interested in a new sailing experience.


Eco_Team Race Germany is an innovation platform for sustainable products and solutions in sailing. This is made possible by a strong network of committed KHULULA partners.

Education for Kids

In cooperation with GREEN-FOR, KHULULA has developed a sustainability education programme for children and youth.

GREEN-FOR is an experienced partner in the field of sustainable education. In a well-founded and playful way, they impart knowledge from different sustainability topics in day-care centres and schools. The children are also taught how to put what they have learned into practice in everyday life.

As part of our Eco_Team Race Germany, GreenFor will implement the Sustainability Education Programme for children on the event weekends.

Eco_Optimist & KhululaOUR PLANET NEEDS ACTION.


The start-up KHULULA is a pioneer when it comes to sustainable outdoor sports.

Our mission is to drive sustainability and circular economy in outdoor sports, especially in water sports, with innovative products, solutions and services.

We want to significantly minimise the CO2 footprint in the industry and establish transparent sustainability processes in line with the SDGs.

We want to significantly minimise the CO2 footprint in the industry and establish transparent sustainability processes in line with the SDGs.